01. Register at iVisa.com affiliate program : https://www.ivisa.com/affiliates

02. Make sure to put your website address followed by phptravel  (i.e  www.travelagency.com - phptravel )

03. After completing your registration, you will receive an email within 24 hours. Please check your email.

04. Once your account is approved you will receive the following details to input with our application

05. Affiliate Code

06. Login to your admin panel and go to ( General -> Modules-> ) iVisa -> Settings. make sure the module is enabled.

07. Input the Affiliate Code that iVisa generated for your account in the iVisa settings 

08. In settings add from country to country names that will load by default when user clicks on iVisa modulel in menu without search

09. Login to your iVisa affiliate panel at https://www.ivisa.com/affiliates and populate your preferred payment option so you are paid on a monthly basis.

in case if there was no response from visa then you must check your server configuration 
Ivisa requires php function ( allow_url_fopen

to enable allow_url_fopen on your servier please follow below instructions : 

- Go to WHM panel
- Search MultiPHP INI Editor
- Select Editor Mode then select the php version in Edit the INI settings of a PHP version
- Search allow_url_fopen, make it as On as follows below:
Note: If your website does not require ‘allow_url_fopen’ you can simply make that directive is set to ‘Off’.
Allow_url_fopen: On
Then save changes, after that restart the Apache server to take changes effect.