Amadeus Low-Fare

To use amadues realtime pricing and flights availability please follow the steps :

01. Signup at :
02. Login to your newly created account
03. Go to this link :
04. Click on create app and then name your app and then create it
05. Once your app is created amadues will show you the api and secret keys
06. Copy your API and Secret keys and login to your admin panel
07. From admin panel go to your modeus from general tab from side bar
08. From modules click on settings of amadeus module
09. Paste your newly created API and Secret keys here
10. You can set your own margin / markup to sell to your clients from settings which markup will apply on basic price
11. Once you are all done contact ameus and ask them to verify your website to use it for production base

Note : please be advised this is only realtime low-fare API integrated via amadeus. you cant make a booking to amadeus nor any posibility to general a PNR. the best way to use this API is set your own commission and let your clients create a booking inquiry. once you receive a booking inquiry you may further proceed to generating PNR using your own GDS or any further portal and you can charge your clients via cash by hand or any medium for online payment transactions.